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    Looking Out For Kids: A Youth Minister's Role, pt. 2

    Rachel Mitchell discusses Arizona's Mandatory Reporting Law and what churches can do to help victims of abuse.

    Length: 55 minutes

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    Empowering Kingdom Growth I

    An overview of EKG; working with churches to depend on God's power for revival in the church.

    Length: 41 minutes

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    Sunday School and Small Group Leadership

    David Francis explains how every church must have an intentional process for making disciples, and outlines important steps needed to accomplish this.

    Length: 54 minutes

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    Spiritual Leadership 2

    In part 2 of the 'Spiritual Leadership' series, Bob Shelton explains that in order to lead others, we must first follow God from the heart.

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Leadership Terrains: Organic Leadership Development: Part 3

    Discovering how God shapes leaders. Part three of a six part series introducing how God develops leaders.

    Length: 28 minutes

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    Teaching Preschoolers Part 1

    Scott Wiley begins his series by defining what the Bible means to preschoolers and adults, and identifying several characteristics of preschoolers as individuals.

    Length: 32 minutes

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  • 3315

    Beauty from Ashes: Revitalize a Dying Church

    Dr. Blackwell shares ideas for revitalizing a declining or dying church based on his experience.

    Length: 47 minutes

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    Our Greatest Need

    Our Greatest Need

    Length: 37 minutes

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    Basic Training Session 1 Overview

    Gary Odom presents an Introduction into Basic Training for Church Planters. This first session gives a description of God's Kingdom, God's Church, and God's Planter.

    Length: 17 minutes

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