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    History of Christianity 1

    Jimmy Cobb gives an overview of the Lead360 course on the history of Christianity - the purpose of which is to summarize the story of Christ's followers.

    Length: 48 minutes

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    Evangelism Effectiveness & Relational Discipleship

    Learn to develop mature disciples through biblical story telling, transparent living, and mutual accountability to living out the Christian life. The process focuses on developing intentional relationships that result in natural evangelism.

    Length: 72 minutes

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    Evangelism for Introverts and Extroverts

    God has called all of us to share our faith. This video discusses Evangelism for Introverts and Extroverts

    Length: 37 minutes

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    The Vision of E-quip

    The dream and vision for the e-quip training delivery process

    Length: 5 minutes

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    Connecting Through Apologetics

    Mike Licona provides three benefits of using apologetics in reaching others for God.

    Length: 68 minutes

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    FOUNDATIONS – basic fundamentals for small group success

    FOUNDATIONS – Basic Fundamentals for Small Group Success.

    Using a developing definition of a Jesus-type small group, standards to evaluate the success for any small group are discovered and reviewed.

    Length: 31 minutes

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    MSC Support School Biblical Principles

    The 2nd presentation in the MSC Support School program. Mike Riggins shares bibical principles to develop ministry partners to help support ministers.

    Length: 46 minutes

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    Knowing and doing the Will of God 2/8

    Continuing her series, Connie Cavanaugh dives into the first reality of knowing and doing the will of God: God is always at work around you.

    Length: 49 minutes

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    '09 Recruiting/Training Mission Teams

    Obtain strategies and resources for recruiting mission teams, hosting vision tours, and preparing mission team leadership for effective, evangelistic, contextualized ministry.

    Presented for the January 7, 2009 North Central States Rally, Indianapolis, IN.

    Length: 49 minutes

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