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    Christian World View 5

    Tim G explains specific points to remember when visiting or hosting a person from another culture.

    Length: 44 minutes

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    The Preaching Seminar 1/2

    Calvin Miller gives an overview of effective preaching based on narrative.

    Length: 48 minutes

    Views: Viewed 28 times.

  • 284

    Cross Evangelism 2

    Part Two to Cross Evangelism with Shane Spannagel. An indepth look at an evangelism training tool.

    Length: 40 minutes

    Views: Viewed 74 times.

  • 3114

    God Space Part 1

    Discover how to balance the come-and-see approach with go-and-be. Find practical ways to increase the quantity and quality of your spiritual conversations.

    Length: 56 minutes

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  • 2406

    Knowing and doing the Will of God 6-8

    Continuing her series, Connie Cavanaugh dives into the fifth reality of knowing and doing the will of God: God’s invitation for you to work with him always requires a crisis of belief that requires faith and action

    Length: 55 minutes

    Views: Viewed 46 times.

  • 3094

    Small Groups that Multiply 5A

    In part five of this series, Dan Morgan gives an overview of how to develop a ministry strategy, both for new groups and existing groups.

    Length: 32 minutes

    Views: Viewed 8 times.

  • 2983

    Growing an Incredible Children's Ministry Part One

    Paul Jones speaks on how to grow an incredible children's ministry by seeing children in light of Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.

    Length: 35 minutes

    Views: Viewed 19 times.

  • 591

    The Case for Small Groups

    Small groups provide the environment for community, and allow the opportunity for spiritual transformation to take place.

    Length: 36 minutes

    Views: Viewed 91 times.

  • 3113

    Overcoming Growth Barriers

    Overcoming Growth Barriers
    Charlie Martin has grown churches from single-staff to multi-staff, from less than thirty to over 2,000 in attendance, and in both rural and suburban settings. Discover the barriers to growth in the small church and how to remove them.

    Length: 53 minutes

    Views: Viewed 5 times.